Hacking for Humanity

The Girls in Tech Hackathon is a code-a-thon where developers, designers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs and educators gather to collaborate on projects including applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions. This event gives participants the chance to flex their skills, work with fellow hackers, and learn something new, such as a programming language or API. Mentors are present to guide the attendees on the platform or technology chosen for the event.

The Hackathon is an open event (both male and female participants are welcomed) that promotes gender equality and bridging the gap in the technology and start-up spaces. The work developed in this event is appraised by an experienced panel of judges; every participant will be rewarded for their contribution, but extra prizes are available for standout Hackathon stars!

Check out the 2018 San Francisco Hacking for Humanity Report!


The length of the Hackathon varies, but typically it is either a one- or two-day event. The participants will be grouped into teams, ideally involving a mix of talent (e.g. a mix of developers and designers). 1-4 is the recommended team size. After an introductory session on the assignment and the chosen platform, the teams will spend the majority of the event coding, with input as needed from the mentors. There may also be a keynote speech delivered by an industry expert. Once the teams have completed their project, they will present their work to the panel of experts for judging. Finally, prizes will be awarded and participants will get the chance to celebrate and network with other participants.

  • Typically a one- or two-day event
  • Teams of 1-4 participants
  • Introductory session on the chosen platform/technology
  • Coding sessions with breaks for refreshments
  • Presentation round for teams to show off the results of their work
  • Judging by the panel of experts
  • Awards ceremony
  • Happy Hour and networking